A Typical Day At WCP


Sample of a typical day and parent helping guidelines (times are variable depending on class)



Listed below is what needs to be done during the class day. Your interaction with the children is equally important, so feel free to include children in any of these tasks.

9:00/12:15 – Parent Helpers /Arrive 15 minutes early

  • Snack should be prepared at home unless children will participate.
  • Check with teacher about daily activities.
  • Check paper supplies (tissues, paper towels, TP).
  • Check easel paper, mix paint, as needed.
  • Put paint brushes in each paint cup, add fresh paint if needed. Put paper on easels, write¬†child’s name on paintings, hang up to dry and resupply paper.
  • Remove forgotten artwork from cubbies and put on the previous class’ art bin. (Example:

Orange Class materials to Orange Class bin) Check your class bin for any artwork to be put into cubbies, which will then go home with child.

9:15/12:30- Children Arrive

  • Help greet children as they arrive.¬†
  • Help with coats, boots, etc, as needed.
  • Invite one or more children to join you doing a project.

9:20/12:35 – Free Choice Time

  • Help children get involved in an activity.
  • Model acceptable ways to use materials and interact with others.
  • Guide children’s play in the different learning centers.
  • Do activities with the children; sit at their level, play, and converse.
  • Help children to write their names on all their art.


  • Teacher will give a 5-minute warning so children may finish their work.
  • Get to know where everything belongs so that you can help the children return items.
  • Clean up is a learning activity in itself, assist the children, but don’t do all the clean up yourself.

10:40/1:55 – Circle Time

  • Parents sit with children and participate
  • Help children sit in a group.
  • Help guide children’s behavior.
  • Snack parent washes up and prepares snack tables

10:50/2:15- Snack

  • Sit with children, converse.
  • Encourage children to pour own drink, 1/2 full cups.
  • Model asking for food to be passed, listening, etc.
  • Children may need reminders to clear place after eating.
  • Assist children in putting left-over food in garbage and cups and plates in sink.

11:00/2:30 – Outside Time

  • Teacher will go out with first children who are ready.
  • Play and participate in outside activities: throw ball, push swing, help climbers,…
  • Help children use their problem-solving skills as needed.

11:30/3:00 – Circle Time/Dismissal

  • Help children put away coats, boots
  • Help children sit in a group.
  • Help guide children’s behavior (May start clean up if other class parents picking up children are assisting with circle)
  • Dismissal for Yellow and Orange class usually occurs at 11:45, Red class dismissal usually occurs at 3:00.
  • See after class cleaning chart for additional clean-up duties.

At the end of class:

  • Turn on loaded dishwasher. Scrub sink, counter and tables. Wipe off seat of chairs.
  • Clean paintbrushes with water, wipe off aprons, and wipe up paint spills around easels. Put lids on paint cups.
  • Straighten toys and return room to neat appearance.
  • Clean bathroom and toilet using a disinfectant. Add toilet paper if needed.
  • Empty garbage and replace liner bag in can.
  • Sweep linoleum, vacuum carpeted areas.

Please see parent handbook pages 5-10 for details on parent helping and pages 20-24 for ideas on guiding children’s behavior.