Preschool Job Descriptions


Job descriptions are intended to convey an idea of the types of jobs that are available at WCP. Jobs may change from those listed below. Detailed job descriptions are filed in the Jobs Binder located in the office at school. Members may indicate job references on their preschool applications. We will make every effort to honor your preferences, but there may be cases where that isn’t possible.

The time commitment for each job can vary from month to month. On average, members should expect to devote four to six hours per month (12 months) to their job. All jobs except Executive Board positions start in June and end in June. Board positions are leadership positions responsible for the operation of the preschool. Executive Board positions are elected. All board members are required to attend monthly board meetings. Board positions begin in April.


President (Executive Board): Acts as spokesperson for the school, facilitates all of the school meetings and prepares and posts the agendas. Liaison between WCP Teachers and Board. Stays in touch with community resources and events. Attends and helps with 2-3 community events (publicity) during the school year and summer Oversees the Support Team.

Hospitality: Hosts “All School” events (parties, fundraiser and All School Meetings). Publicizes events within the school, sets up for the event and arranges for refreshments and cleanup. Attends and helps with 2-3 community events during the school year and summer (Publicity). A computer and e-mail access are highly recommended for this job.

Librarian/Scholastic: Organizes and maintains inventory of books, tapes, CDs and records in the preschool’s library. Coordinates with teachers on a monthly basis to determine any thematic needs and supplements with books, etc. from the public library as needed. Collects, processes and distributes quarterly book orders from Scholastic Book Services. Keeps track of awards and required points. Retrieves and distributes mail from the Post Office. Attends and helps with 2-3 community events during
the school year and summer (Publicity).


Vice President(Executive Board): Makes job assignments, revises and updates job descriptions as necessary. Updates and files teacher contracts. Organizes and facilita tes the Orientation. Participates in annual Open House(s). Administers non-compliance policy on behalf of the Board. Maintains insurance for the school and submits any claims.

Class Leader (Board): (One per class) Organizes and presides over class meetings and documents meeting outcomes and decisions. Orients new families throughout the year. Schedules and tracks parent help days. Establishes a class phone tree. Coordinates field trip arrangements. Maintains the class bulletin board. Collects money for and purchases snack items.


Health and Safety Inspector (Board): Responsible for disseminating policies and procedures regarding First Aid, emergency preparedness and emergency evacuation. Maintains First Aid kits and earthquake/disaster supplies. Maintains Records of Immunization and submits reports as directed by the State Health Department. Processes Washington State Patrol background checks. Maintains and updates Heath and Safety bulletin board in classroom. Conducts a monthly safety check of the premises.

Heath and Safety Assistant: Assists with student medical release paperwork prior to the start of classes in fall. Responsible for checking and maintaining the First Aid Kit on a monthly basis. Maintains all school fire extinguishers. Maintains Safety bulletin board. Performs hearing test in the spring for the Orange class. Assumes duties of Health and Safety officer when not available (out of town, prolonged illness, etc.).


Secretary (Executive Board): Records and distributes minutes of Board Meetings. Prepares correspondence on behalf of the school. Coordinates the school’s building calendar. Maintains the school office and stationary supplies. Leads the Communications Team. This job requires a computer.

Computer/Correspondence/Website: Maintains and updates the school’s website. Distributes WCP correspondence (newsletter, announcements, etc.) via e-mail or hard copies in the school mailboxes. This job requires a computer, e-mail, Word-friendly program and some website administration knowledge is helpful.


Treasurer (Executive Board): Prepares budget and financial reports for Board and All School meetings, records income and expenses, manages accounts payable, coordinates payroll and regulatory tax reporting, administers scholarship program, distributes receipts, maintains inventory records. Leads the Finance Team. This job requires a computer.

Tuition Manager: Collects and posts tuition payments. Prepares and makes bank deposits. Helps with fundraising projects.


Fundraising (Board): Works with a team to identify and research new fundraising ideas. Plans and implements fundraising activities for the school year. Team organizes members to help, advertises events and reports progress in the newsletter and/or at meetings.

Tot Trot/Friendship Run Coordinator: Works with fundraising team works to organize and publicize the Tot Trot / Friendship Run. Solicits sponsors. Processes registration materials. Manages WCP volunteers at the event. Acts as race director.


Membership Chairperson (Executive Board): Collects, processes and files registration forms. Responds to inquiries about the school. Plans and works at the Open House(s). Maintains membership files, rosters and waiting lists. Attends and helps plan the community events during the school year and summer. Oversees the Membership Team.

Membership Assistant: Assists Membership Chairperson with registration process and helps out at Open House(s) and 2-3 community events throughout the year. Makes copies of and distributes rosters and registration applications. Assists Publicity and Summer School Coordinator as necessary.

Publicity: Responsible for all WCP publicity including advertising for the Open House(s) and organizing special events such as the Tot Trot/Friendship Run. Designs and distributes flyers regarding WCP within the Olympia area. Maintains and updates WCP brochures. Identifies new publicity opportunities and coordinates WCP’s participation in community events. This job requires a computer.

Summer School Coordinator: Responsible for the day to day operations of the Summer School program including planning dates, hiring aides with the help of a Board Member and coordinates substitute aides. Produces and processes registration documents. Processes tuition and collects timesheets for payroll. Attends and helps with 2-3 community events during the school year and summer (publicity).

Summer school planning begins in February and has a high workload from April through the end of Summer School in August.


House Leader (Board): Oversees and delegates all aspects of preschool grounds and building maintenance, daily and weekend cleanups, and purchase of cleaning and maintenance supplies. Makes assessment of short and long term house plans and/or repairs. Coordinates work parties. Participates in 2-3 House Team work parties per year.

Assistant House Leader: Oversees and coordinates the weekend cleanup schedule. Assists House Leader in planning and overseeing work parties as well as assisting in other areas of the House Team. Participates in 2-3 House Team work parties per year.

Supply Buyer: Keeps the school stocked with basic supplies including cleaning and maintenance supplies. Organizes and cleans supply storage areas. Cleans and inventories kitchen annually. Requires periodic trips to Costco and a large vehicle. Participates in 2-3 House Team work parties per year.

Indoor Maintenance: Responsible for general building maintenance including lighting, furnace filters, toy repair, recycling, pest control, cleaning the refrigerator and monitoring the maintenance clipboard in the classroom. Participates in 2-3 House Team work parties per year.

Outdoor Maintenance Team: Responsible for maintaining the exterior grounds and building including: mowing the lawn, pruning, weeding, watering, maintenance of the porch, roof, driveway and walkway, raking of leaves and identifying future improvements. Participates in 2-3 House Team work parties per year.

Summer Maintenance: Responsible for all of the grounds and general maintenance specified above for the summer. Participates in 2-3 House Team work parties per year.

Toy Organizer: Sorts and organizes toys and dramatic play items monthly. Cleans toys, puppets, stuffed animals and dress up items monthly, more during cold/flu season. Notifies designated General Maintenance person of missing parts or repairs. Makes play dough bi-weekly. Consults with teachers regarding new purchases and assists with set up of science table and other themes. Participates in 2-3 House Team work parties per year.