Parent Education Credit Information and Opportunities

Make up form: Parent Education Makeup Assignment

Name: _______________________________Class Color: ________
Date: _____________

Title or description of article, book, training or project completed:

1. What did you like about it?


2. What did you not like about it?


3. Describe something from this experience that was useful to you.


4. What other parenting topics interest you?


Return completed make-up assignment sheet to the Family Educator to receive parent education credit.

Parent Meeting Make-up Options:

  • Attend a board meeting, one per year counts as parent education credit.
  • Participate in a parent education book club meeting.
  • Read and respond to the monthly parent education e-mail article. Previous articles are available on the website.
  • Attend a First aid/CPR class and earn two parent education meeting credits.
  • Attend a parent education meeting at another school. This may include the PTA at your local elementary school, another co-op, the Child Care Action Council or the Hands On Children’s Museum.
  • Attend a community parent education event.
  • In coordination with your child’s teacher, conduct a special project related to curriculum in the classroom.
  • Read a book or article or visit a website that has info on parenting. Provide a review on the make up form or website.
  • Submit an article to the web site on a parent education topic.
  • Attend kindergarten open house at your child’s elementary school or at a private school.
  • Ask the Family Educator to provide a video on a parenting or educational topic – a selection is available from SPSCC.
  • Propose a make up activity or project to the Family Educator.

For more information, contact Kaylene Smith, SPSCC Family Educator at