We believe that parents are the primary educators of their child. Westside Cooperative Preschool offers the opportunity to actively participate through parent education workshops and classroom parent helping.

We maintain a one-adult-to-four-children ratio.

Every family is required to have a school job. Parent responsibilities include:

  • Attend orientation, parent help training and monthly class meetings.
  • Help in the class and provide snack 2-3 times a month.
  • Actively serve on a team and perform a job for the school.
  • Participate in one weekend school cleanup and one maintenance work party or project each year.
  • The Westside Cooperative Preschool is a parent-owned and operated nonprofit organization. Parent board members are elected to manage the school.


Parents are active members of the classroom each preschool day. The preschool serves as a laboratory where parents can observe children’s growth, development and behavior, improve communication skills, practice leading children’s activities, gain greater appreciation of children’s creativity, and work with other adults.

You will select your schedule to parent help an average of once every two weeks. Your class leader or scheduler stays in contact with all parents in your class to assure that there are enough parent helpers throughout the month. Read more about Parent Helper Duties.


Parent Handbook – Describes the general cooperative experience and your responsibilities at Westside Cooperative Preschool.

Parents are also expected to watch the following video prior to orientation.

Parent Helpers will need to complete Parent Helper Training, review this WCP specific health and safety training and this WCP specific health and safety information,[groups_can_not capability=”all_school_read_page_post”] and complete a quiz by printing out and filling in the[/groups_can_not] Health and Safety Worksheet and turn the results in to the Heath And Safety mailbox at the Westside Cooperative Preschool Office before they can be parent helpers.