The Role of SPSCC


Your cooperative preschool has signed an affiliation agreement with South Puget Sound Community College for this school year. Every spring your members will vote whether or not to affiliate with the college for the following school year. The College/Co-op Preschool Agreement says that you, the parent, will fulfill certain requirements (see sections of this handbook on the Parent’s Role). In return, you will receive from the college:

  1. A parenting course “Cooperative Preschool”, which includes instruction and practice in early childhood education, parenting and family relations, leadership training, and small business management.
  2. A program coordinator is responsible for program development, implementation and coordination of Parent Education Advisors.
  3. Services of part time Parent Education Advisors whose salaries are paid by the college.
  4. Publicity which helps your cooperative enroll new members.
  5. Group medical and liability insurance plans (preschool pays the premium).
  6. Inservice training, networking, and individual help for teachers, board members, and advisors to further their professional development.
  7. Parent handbooks, board training materials, parent education handouts, recordkeeping forms with a limited printing budget.
  8. Access to College student services, counseling, and library/media services.
  9. A photo student ID card for enrolled parents.  This may apply to you if you are a board member, have more than one child enrolled, or otherwise commit many hours to the preschool. Ask your advisor. ID card allows access to South Puget Sound Community College library and student events, use of the recreational facilities at The Evergreen State College, and student discounts at many stores and cultural events.


Your Parent Education Advisor has received college-level training in child development, education, and guidance. She is a part-time instructor at South Puget Sound Community College and is supervised by the Parent Education Coordinator. Her duties, within the limits of her contracted hours are to:

  1. Assist cooperative preschool members in providing a high quality children’s preschool program.
  2. Work closely with other Advisors to prepare parent education and other materials to jointly benefit the cooperative preschools.
  3. Plan, attend and evaluate all joint co-op board trainings and teacher inservices.
  4. Complete all necessary college recordkeeping including college registration forms; quarterly reports of parent hours, tuition, and credits; grading; make-up project documentation; advisor work hours logs; and annual program evaluation.
  5. Meet with the children’s teachers at least once per month, during teacher inservices, classroom visits, or individual meetings to conference about children and their progress, plan and improve the children’s and parents programs and involvement, and assist the teacher in planning professional development.
  6. Conduct classroom or child observations at parent or teacher request.
  7. Consult with parents on parenting and family issues, share possible resources and referrals, both during parent meetings and scheduled at parent request.
  8. Attend and assist with all board meetings. Consult with board members and committees as needed.
  9. Attend the preschool class as the parent’s instructor as planned cooperatively by the teacher and advisor.
  10. Plan, present or arrange parent education meetings in accordance with course goals and objectives (see next page).
  11. Assist with special projects as agreed by advisor and preschool board, such as hiring, relocation, classroom arrangement or parent library.
  12. Maintain high professional standards, particularly in the area of confidentiality. Take advantage of opportunities for professional growth.
  13. Carry out any additional duties as described in the South Puget Sound Community College Part-time Instructor’s contract, College Handbook, and Parent Education Department’s Advisor Hours Description.

State Board of Community College Education Resolution 82-1
GOALS: The goal of Washington community college parent cooperative preschool education program is to improve the parenting skills for parents of pre-school children.
OBJECTIVES: Parent education programs based in parent education cooperative pre-schools provide practical, experiential learning laboratories which have the following student objectives:

  1. To develop realistic age-level expectations from knowledge of normal childhood behavior and growth.
  2. To clarify child rearing values and attitudes and explore methods of child guidance.
  3. To learn about the physical needs of family members: nutrition, safety, first aid, childhood illnesses, exercise and stress management.
  4. To experience and understand the role of parent involvement in maintaining a quality learning environment for children.
  5. To develops skills and practice in teaching young children in the following areas: art, science, concept development, language, music, motor skills, and cooperative play.
  6. To share support, consultation, and resource information concerning childrearing and family life.
  7. To learn about contemporary family concerns such as child abuse, divorce, sexual assault, illness and death, and family resource management.
  8. To develop skills in group organization and leadership.
  9. To develop and/or increase confidence in managing the demanding role of parents in a changing society.
  10. To strengthen family communication and relationships.