SPSCC Student Information


Did you know that parents participating in co-op preschools and completing the SPSCC registration form are entitled to all of the benefits that come from being a student at SPSCC?

  • Once you have a student ID with a current sticker, you are entitled to:
  • Student discounts or free admission to college events, including concerts, lectures, recreational and athletic events,
  • Use of the SPSCC Library and Media Center,
  • Unrestricted travel on the Intercity Transit Bus System,
  • Discounts from businesses that participate in the Student Discount Program, and
  • Use of recreational facilities at the Evergreen State College at free or reduced rates.

If you already have a student ID from SPSCC, you may get a quarterly validation sticker from the bulletin board in the preschool. If you do not have a student ID and are interested in obtaining one, you must go to the Office of Student Life in the Student Union, Building 27, to have a photo taken. Co-op parents are not required to have a student ID. It is optional, but one of the many perks of co-op preschool participation!

For directions and information on obtaining a student ID, contact:
South Puget Sound Community College
Student Programs Office
Student Union Building, second floor
(360) 754-7711, ext. 5306

It is highly recommended that you call prior to going to the Office of Student Programs as certain days will be very hectic with long waits for your photo ID. Fall quarter IDs will not be available until the last week of September. Let the Student Programs Office volunteer know you are enrolled in SPSCC through the Co-op Preschool Program.