SPSCC Affiliation Benefits


Parent Education:

  • Monthly parent education material in form of speakers, handouts, email communication
  • Individual parenting support and communication, responding to individual requests on specific needs,
    challenges, and referrals for screening or counseling
  • Classroom observations with feedback to parents and work with individual and groups of children
  • Mediation & support between parents, board and /or teachers, based on need (IE: parent compliance,
    behavior challenges and plans, disagreements between board members, parents, and or teachers)
  • Providing best practice information on a need basis to address changing dynamics and new resources
    and development in the field of child development and education.
  • Coordination of earning two college credits per quarter at SPSCC

Teacher Support & Continuing Education:

  • Classroom observations with feedback to teachers on curriculum, problem solving challenges for individual and groups of children
  • Sharing of resources related to best practices in ECE and child development
  • Providing Teacher In-service learning opportunities, coordinated with other co-op teachers, SPSCC Coordinator and faculty
  • Providing best practice information on a need basis to address changing dynamics (IE: new teacher)
    and new resources and development in the field of child development and education.
  • Support for mediation between parents, board and teachers, based on need (IE: behavior challenges and plan development for children’s success, disagreements between board members, parents, and or teachers)
  • Occasional supply money, dependent upon budget, ranging from $250-100, for teachers to order classrooms upplies.
  • This is SPSCC budgeted faculty supply money that has been given to preschool teachers for the last 5-6 years.

Board Support and Communication :

  • Guidance on best practices related to ECE and insurance compliance/safe environments
  • Annual board in-service training opportunity for board members on a variety of topics
  • Annual compilation of Teacher Assessment/feedback
  • Annual compilation of General Membership Evaluation/Feedback
  • Annual training and support to board chair, treasurer and health & safety coordinators with family educator/faculty member and college coordinator. Ongoing resources when requested or as needed.
  • Ongoing support in the business of running a preschool, as needed. Varies based on experience of board membersand situations that arise in a given year, but topics may include, personnel supervision, budget development, agenda development and running of meetings, communication. Ongoing support, as needed, to board members as challenges or situations aris e (IE: new site investigation, disgruntled members, new policy development, health issues such as outbreaks of disease, … )
  • Participation in hiring committee processes
  • Collection of information, as requested, such as tuition survey of area preschools , best practices, and preschool environments
  • Processing of Washington State Patrol Checks annually and as new families enroll.
  • Coordination of earning 1 college credit per quarter for participation in preschool board.


  • Opportunity to purchase liability insurance as part of the state wide co-op preschool program at a significantly reduced rate.
  • Opportunity to receive all of the benefits awarded to a student at SPSCC including utilization of student services such as library and career counseling, use of recreational facilities at Evergreen State College and SPSCC, student discounts at area businesses and ride IT bus for free.
  • Quarterly advertising in college course catalog to all households in Thurston County, on SPSCC website and on Facebook page.
  • Publicity at all Parenting Tools/SPSCC sponsored events with flyers and information.
  • Administrative Assistant at SPSCC who takes calls and refers to co-op preschools inquiries that come through SPSCC.
  • Relaying of information and changes statewide and locally on early childhood, preschool and childcare, and health
    & safety best practices through college coordinator and faculty participation in OPEP, regional parent education forums and early childhood coalition.

Documents and materials that are provided by SPSCC/OPEP:

  • Co-op Preschool Parent Handbook provided to parents each fall
  • Risk Management Manual outlining best practices related to insurance and safety
  • By laws and some policies – need to be rewritten to exclude FE/SPSCC role and language
  • 2nd Step teacher curriculum
  • Some teacher curriculum materials and parent education resources
  • Some board materials such as Financial Review Form and some job descriptions/handbooks, mainly Health & Safety, Treasurer & Chairperson

All would need to be returned to SPSCC and or recreated for preschool use in the event of disaffiliation.

Supporting documents: SPSCC/Coop Preschool Agreement, Role of SPSCC, Role of Family Educator