SPSCC Affiliation


The the Olympia Westside Cooperative Preschool is affiliated with South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC). This affiliation offers numerous benefits to the preschool and members of the preschool for a nominal cost.

Being affiliated with SPSCC offers the preschool support and guidance. There are significant requirements for a cooperative preschool to operate, liability insurance, management of the preschool by a board of directors, health and safety regulations and financial oversight. Affiliation with SPSCC provides the Westside Cooperative Preschool with a SPSCC staff member known as a Family Educator. The Family Educator provides guidance on many of the aspects of running a cooperative preschool.

Parents of children who attend Westside Cooperative Preschool have the option to enroll in SPSCC and earn college credits as well as take advantage of the benefits of being a SPSCC student. Enrolled parents can take part in parent education and earn two college credits per quarter. Members of the Westside Cooperative Preschool board of directors and regular parent helpers are required to be enroll in the SPSCC parent education program.

SPSCC Affiliation Benefits

SPSCC Student ID Information