Membership Requirements


Parent Helping: Parents help in the classroom on a rotating basis and on average 2-3 times per month. There are two helpers per class. Parent helpers must arrive 15 minutes before class begins and allow 25-30 minutes after class for cleanup. For insurance reasons, children who are not enrolled in the class may not accompany parents who are parent helping. A mandatory Parent Help Training Session will be held before school begins in the fall. Parents who miss this meeting are required to read the Parent Handbook and observe the Parent Helpers for a class prior to starting your parent help requirement.

Preschool Job: Your active involvement makes our preschool operate effectively, efficiently and economically. All families are assigned a job and serve on a specific team, which normally requires an average 4-6 hour time commitment per month (12 months starting in June). See Job Descriptions.

Meetings: Attendance at Class Meetings is required. These will be held quarterly (Oct., Jan. and March), Members are required to attend the two All School Meetings held twice a year (August and March). All members are welcome but not required to attend the Board Meetings held monthly at the school. Any issues to be discussed need to be on the agenda ahead of time (see the Board President for this).

Parent Education Credits: As a requirement of our partnership with SPSCC, a total of six to nine parent education credits need to be earned per family each year. There will be numerous parent education opportunities offered throughout the year, some examples of which are: attending class meetings; attending board meetings; participating in education forums or completing credit work at home. Families with multiple children enrolled still only need to earn six to nine credits per year (Board members earn 9). Read about our SPSCC affiliation.

Weekend Cleanup: Each family is required to clean the school and outdoor toy shed at least two weekends per year regardless of when they join the school. It is usually a 4-5 hour time commitment. A list of the cleaning tasks is provided at the preschool. Families with more than one child attending Westside Cooperative Preschool are responsible for only one weekend cleanup, provided there are enough families to cover every weekend. Board members are excluded from these duties.

Summer and Fall Work Parties or Task: All families must participate in one summer work party and one fall leaf raking party each year. In the event a family is unable to make it to one of the three scheduled work parties or joins mid-year, they will be assigned a 4-5 hour comparable task sometime during the school year to make up for it.

Fundraising: Fundraising is a vital part of our school program. Without it tuition would need to be increased and our program would suffer. All families need to participate in the school’s fundraising efforts in order for them to be successful. If you would rather, in lieu of your active participation, you may pay a predetermined monetary amount set by the Board (due in October or one month after enrollment if joining mid-year). The current fundraising buyout is $200. More information regarding fundraising events and participation is covered at the initial All School Meeting in September. Find out more about our Friendship Run Event held once a year in March.